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Dynamic Transport Planning can provide the Travel Plans needed to support your development and discharge planning conditions. We can also act as Travel Plan Co-ordinator for your development.

Framework and Full Travel Plans

DTP can provide both framework and full travel plans to support your development. Often required as part of the planning application process and regularly required as a planning condition, these documents set out the ways in which your development will promote sustainability. These documents will also set initial targets for improving your sustainability.

Travel Packs and Promotion

Utilising our educational service DTP can provide a Travel Pack for all current and new employees that sets out the options for sustainable travel to and from the workplace. DTP can also provide promotional material to display throughout the calendar year to aid your promotion of sustainable travel.

Travel Target Monitoring

DTP can build on your initial sustainable travel targets by reporting on your progress. This is often required annually as part of your planning condition for your development and is undertaken by an online staff survey as well as an official report back to the LHA.

Travel Plan Co-ordinator

Travel Plans require each development to have a travel Plan Co-ordinator appointed. This TPC undertakes all of the promotional and monitoring activities needed to fulfil your planning condition whilst also being a point of contact for the development and the LHA. DTP can undertake this role on behalf of the development for an annual fee.

When do I need these services?

As Part Of Your Planning Application
To Satisfy Planning Conditions
To Showcase your Development as Sustainable and Responsible


Access our Dynamic Travel Planning site to explore all of the options that make up our travel plan services including monitoring, educational material and Travel Plan Co-Ordinator roles.

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