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Dynamic Transport Planning can cover all aspects of traditional Transport Planning Services including the following reports and studies to help achieve planning permission for your development:

Transport Assessments/Statements

A Transport Assessment is a comprehensive report that identifies the highways and transport issues relating to a development proposal and forms part of a formal planning application as part of the planning process.

Less intensive developments can be supported by Transport Statement which is a simplified form of assessment.

An assessment considers the impact of a development in highway terms in relation to its effect on highway safety and capacity, along with ensuring the development complies with relevant local and national planning policy guidance

Technical Notes

Whilst the scale of some development proposals fall below the thresholds suggested in guidance documents for a Transport Assessment or Statement, there can be site specific issues that require transport analysis. Reasons for needing a Technical Note can vary from site access suitability, servicing assessments or car parking provision analysis

When do I need the reports?

As Part Of Your Planning Application
In Response to Highway Objections
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