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Dynamic Transport Planning are qualified and experienced in providing Road Safety Audits for developments across the UK. Our Team cover Stages 1 – 4 and are happy to discuss your requirements today

You can have peace of mind that DTP are best placed to provide Road Safety Audits for YOUR development. Our RSA Team are accepted members of the Society of Road Safety Auditors (MSoRSA) and have received the Certificate of Competency for Highways England.
road safety audit qualification

What is a Road Safety Audit (RSA)?

Road Safety Audit is a process for checking the road safety of highway improvements that are proposed or undertaken for your development.

The main reason is to reduce future road accidents once the scheme has been built

All users including pedestrians and cyclists are taken into account when undertaking the study and improvements may be suggested where applicable.

Where a site has been completed, the auditor will assess the built development against the construction drawings and any anomalies will need to be rectified.

RSAs only mandatory for schemes on Highways England Network but many local authorities also ask for this to be undertaken during the planning application stage.

The stages that Road Safety Audits are Conducted

  • Stage 1

    Completion of preliminary design

  • Stage 2

    Completion of detailed design (or combined Stage 1 and 2)

  • Stage 3

    Completion of construction

  • Stage 4

    Post opening monitoring

When do I need these services?

As Part Of Your Planning Application
To Satisfy Planning Conditions
To Showcase That Your Development is Safe
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