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Re-Imagining Railway Stations

Due to the covid crisis more of us are looking at exploring the UK this year as a get away than ever before. Whilst a lot of places have been hit hard by the pandemic, the tourist attractors have started to see a huge increase in footfall since the nice weather arrived

As part of peoples adventures they are finding new places to visit and some of these gems are being found encased in the old railway stations of Great Britain. With so much history it really is a shame to see how many railway stations have been lost. Every time we come across a ‘Station Road’ with no station it’s hard not to have a quick Google and imagine what could’ve been.

We take a look at a couple of railway stations across the country that have used these old buildings and turned them into tourist hotspots and are excited to welcome you back.

Hassop Railway Station

Nestled just north of Bakewell on the Monsall Trail line the old Hassop Railway Station feels like it is in the middle of nowhere but once you enter the grounds and see the size of the car park you can see how popular the place is

The old railway station has been transformed into a cycle hire facility with instant access to the Monsall Trail, a gift and book shop (always a welcome addition to any development) and a HUGE cafe. Now we really do mean huge. Not only is there an inside seating area in one of the station rooms but outside they have re-purposed an outdoor metal shed into a dining area as well as a tent and picnic benches. For the kids a well built play area is also provided

During a recent Road Safety Audit trip to Bakewell we stopped off here because they were open and serving food until 9pm. A brilliant find with social distancing measures and ordering online available from your table

Barter Books

If you haven’t stopped off at Barter Books have you really been to Alnwick in Northumberland? The iconic building has been transformed into a second hand books shop and tea room. It almost feels like you’ve stepped into a Harry Potter scene, a feeling which is helped along by the addition of a model train running above the bookshelves.

Barter Books is really easy to find on your way in to Alnwick and has a helpful car park. A word of warning tho that the car park gets very busy and its not unusual to find someone has parked in the only turning area provided so picking an expected quieter time is encouraged

Holiday Cottages

Of course one of the most common uses of old railway stations in a conversion to a residential property. But don’t worry not all of these have been hidden from us – with the rise of Air BnB and holidays in the UK has listed many of the conversions thats are available to rent across the country

If you had an old railway station to renovate what would you create?

Get in touch if you’ve seen some fantastic uses of old railway stations across the UK and further afield.

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