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5 Food-to-go Brands to watch out for in UK during 2021

Fed up of having the same choice when you are on the road? It does seem like the same brands are everywhere now, so it was only a matter of time before the biggest roadside operators and brands realised we needed something new to keep us interested. We have picked out five brands that are arriving and/or growing in the UK with big plans for 2021.


A brand we are getting used to seeing on high streets and railway stations is making their way to service stations across the country. Two counters have opened around the M25 with further openings planning including Leeds and Cobham. The offerings are great for those looking for a healthier option, seeking out vegan food or craving a fish finger wrap (yes they do those!).

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Has anybody else been craving some ‘real’ New York Pizza in the UK? Well EG Group have partnered with Sbarro to bring their version of NY pizza to the UK. Already building a name in Ireland, the first counter in UK opened in Birmingham with more being rolled out across the country including at Frontier Park, Blackburn. This should hopefully help to fill the gap in the market for slices of pizza and an alternative to the deeper pan Greggs pizza slice at service stations.


Possibly the most famous American brand not to have expanded outside of London tourist places, EG Group are again bringing this well known brand to the rest of the UK with 150 planned openings in their roadside offerings up and down the country.

NKD Pizza

NKD Pizza might be known to those in Burnley or Edinburgh but it hasn’t yet made a name for itself across the country. EG seem to have their eye on the pizza game, partnering with NKD Pizza to trial the new concept ‘Slices by NKD Pizza’ to a couple of their outlets. We guess time will tell who takes the lead in the EG Pizza race and we can’t help wondering what the head of pizza brands chooses for their lunch at the new EG headquarters….

Tim Hortons

You may have been living under a rock, or at least away from Facebook, if you event noticed that adverts for Tim Horton drive-thru popping up, especially in the north of the UK and Scotland. They franchisee has taken an aggressive growth campaign, one which may have paid huge dividends given the reliance of the UK on drive-thru over the past 12 months. Their last directive was to ‘open in every major city and town in the UK by 2022’ and create over 2000 jobs. We haven’t had one pop up in County Durham yet tho….. just pointing that out.

So will the market be shaken up with new arrivals in 2021 and beyond? There’s been a rumoured Denny’f for years that has never materialised. The Cheesecake Factory made it to Dubai but never UK. Will we continue to invite major brands over or will operators start creating spaces for local independent brands? Anything really could happen as we get through the vaccination programme and hopefully start to live life more freely again.

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